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    Awersome Residential House!!! NEW! IT WILL BE WORTH DOWNLOADING IT!!!!!!


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    Awersome Residential House!!! NEW! IT WILL BE WORTH DOWNLOADING IT!!!!!!

    Post  trifucristi on Wed Aug 14, 2013 6:27 pm

    This is a very spacious residential house with 4 floors, 2 large bsements connected through a tunnel, back yard, front yard, fishing place, lots of outdoor activities (games and more), large pools (one in the back yard and one in the basement), an useable roof (you can place objects and interact with them on the roof), all floors except the roof are connected through 3 elevators, all of the elevators reaching every floor, All of the floors, (except the roof) have one living room, bathroom, kitchen and a bedroom. One of the basements also has a pet room (with food bowl and a bed for the pet). One basement entrace is in the back yard, and another through the 3 elevators. The roof is reachable through spiral stairs from the ground floor, around the entrace in the house from the back yard.

    Aditionally & helpful notes, please READ them BEFORE proceeding if you want the lot working properly:

    In the making of this house I used:

    1. The MOST IMPORTANT part. This house has lots of objects from every EP (Expansion Pack) and SP (Stuff Pack), you MUST have all the EP's and SP's for the house, in order for the objects to work properly. Here's a list of what you MUST have installed on your PC BEFORE installing the lot:

    World Adventures
    Late Night
    University Life
    Island Paradise

    High-End Loft Stuff
    Fast Lane Stuff
    Outdoor Living Stuff
    Town Life Stuff
    Master Suite Stuff
    Katy Perry's Sweet Treats
    Diesel Stuff
    70s, 80s, & 90s Stuff

    To download them, first get a 5 mb program called Utorent, after you have installed it, here's a very good torent that includes all the EP's and SP's except the Island Paradise EP ---->
    On that site click on "Magnet Link" and follow the instructions the uploader gave to you in the torent download.
    And here's the link to the Island Paradise EP ---->
    Do the same as mentioned above

    2. Lots of CC (Custom Content), MOST have been dowloaded from Simmers and some from MTS (Mod The Sims), you need to download & install them before installing the lot:

    - Futureshock bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room
    - Ultra lounge  bedroom, bathroom, kitchen,, living room
    - Auto noms pet feeding station
    - The Not so routine machine
    - Sharpher sim super sleeper
    - Classic gumball machine
    - Frost Bite Ice cream maker*
    - Deep fryer*
    - Sothsayer Crystal Ball
    - The Flinstones car**
    - Parking lot for the Flinstones Car**
    - The rocket car**
    - LG HDTV**
    - Huge HD TV**

    * At these objects you may have to dowload additionally a bugfix (If the animations aren't displaying)
    ** The objects have been downloaded from MTS (Mod the Sims)

    AFTER you have installed all the SP's, EP's and the CC you can now begin the installation of the house, please read the guide carefully


    1. Download the lot
    2. Open the game launcher
    3. Double-click the downloaded lot
    4. Wait a few mins until the installation is complete
    5. Launch\run the game
    6. Load the town where you want to place the new house (you can load a saved game, or start a new one)
    7. After the loading is complete go to "Edit Town"
    8. Place a 64x64 residential lot (if your town does not have the spece for a 64x64 lot, clear some buildings\bulldoze them to make space, note that the bulldozed houses\buildings will leave AN EMPTY LOT after bulldozing them, so bulldoze the lot left by the houses. After you cleared space for a 64x64 lot, place a 64x64 lot through the "World Editor" tool from the "Edit Town"
    9. Place the house from the 'Empty Households" tab (allow time for the process to be completed, shoud take up to 10 mins, depending on your PC)
    10. After placement of the house is done, return to your current household
    11. The house you just placed costs furnished about 1.000.000 Simoeons, to gain that money pres Ctrl+Shift+C, all at once, to bring a blue cheatbox in the upper left corner of the screen. Type in the box "motherlode" without the quotation marks and press Enter (you will see that 50.000 Simoleons have been addeded to to your current household funds) repeat this step until you have about 1.000.000 Simoleons in your current household funds.
    12. After you have that 1.000.000 Simoleons click on your phone in your Inventory, select "Real Estate and Travel Services", click "Move", click "Within This Neigborhood".
    In the Move panel, select the sims you want to move in the new house, after that, click on "House...", select the new house that you have installed, make sure that "make active household" is checked.
    13. When you're ready click the " |/ " button to move in!
    14. Enjoy

    A small note: READ it:
    Saving the game thakes now longer than before because of this huge lot with lots with objects. I will take up to 6 mins depending on your PC.


    If you don't see any links yet, that is because I am a new member on Simmers, the rules say that you can't post any links until you reach one week from your registration on the forum, I will post the links to downloads as soon as possible!
    If you see some grammar mistakes in this post, please excuse me, I don't know so well the English language :)
    Hope you will enjoy the lot!

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