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    Fabulous Fiesta!


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    Fabulous Fiesta!

    Post  FlyMs on Tue Jul 24, 2012 9:28 pm

    mediafire.com ?hnhi7nzqtlk52


    When downloading this you will need the fix for it to work, the link takes to to both set and fix.

    To install the fix place it in your MODS folder.

    Here are the fixes that you will need or may need:

    I know for sure that the new Set containing the fryer and ice cream maker in the Fabulous Fiesta set, you will need a fix as the fryer and ice cream maker are buggy thanks to EA

    Fix for Fabulous Fiesta set: mediafire.com ?mvxhfwt3t2d4at7

    Now this Fix fixes: the spell but interactions and moodlets foutain of youth, magic cauldron, voo doo doll, The Tree of Prosperity, The Hypnotizer, the fryer and icream maker

    Link: mediafire.com ?c0x4mv8cmwou4wb

    the fixes above are package file so need to be place in a mods folder, for thos who dont like using mods this is completly safe to use, but if you still dont want it the i suggest you dont download it!
    For thos who do want the sets but dont have the mods folder follow this link in order to gThe Hypnotizeret your folder.

    if you still havefollowing how to download it after that link, i suggest you back away from your computer before anyone gets hurt XD

    sorry you will have to highlight the link and do it that way [/quote]

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